Guest Reader: Ann Everton reads “Field Report from America 2014”.

Fiction is first is insanely excited to have Ann Everton reading the first non-fiction piece on the website: “Field Report from America 2014.” Peer directly into Ann’s amazing mind as she and her band, Darsombra, tour the country in a small white van playing 60 shows as they go from coast to coast. The anxiety of capitalism meets the menace of stomach flu and everything in between. Enjoy.

The In-Betweens

Hello Fiction is First, this is Fiction is First, I missed you.

Please find below Ben Forstenzer reading his poem/ode/freak out “The In-Betweens.”

The “In-Betweens” was inspired by Kristen Toedtman and written for her show at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson on June 27th. It was very fun.

Check her out, she rules:

New  fiction and non-fiction are coming soon.

We never said there wouldn’t be poetry.

Thanks and love.