The Second Fiction Is First House Show (Finally)

Recorded as the winter slowly, angrily, just barely came to an end, here now is the Second Fiction is First House Show. Present in this compact package are songs from Michael Patrick Flanagan Smith, non-fiction by Michelle Dwyer, and fiction by Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson and Ben Forstenzer. I mean, come on, this is everything you could want and more. Please share if you enjoy.

A Storyview: Arizona in the Summertime by Michelle Dwyer

What do sandwiches, naps and a series of very small shampoo and perfume containers have in common? Hint: pretty boys, Clint Eastwood and wheezing in the other room. Take a visit with Michelle Dwyer on her trip to Arizona to see her dad. We have some conversation about life and death.

We hope you enjoy it.

A Storyview: Love on the Block, by Rachel Anne Warren

Some people run away and join the circus. Some people become magical erotic creatures named Heather. For the rest of us, we get to listen to Rachel Anne Warren read her essay Love on the Block and have a conversation about her night as a shooter girl in a strip club in Baltimore.

We hope you enjoy the story and the conversation.

A Storyview: Notes From A Suicide, by Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson

The mystery of life and the mystery of death are close relatives. Maybe they are mothers and sons, maybe grandmothers and granddaughters.

The only way to know is to look deeply.

Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson looks deeply and reads her essay “Notes From A Suicide.”

Ben Forstenzer asks questions. A discussion ensues.

We hope you enjoy it.


A Storyview: Dead Bird Stories for Non-believers, by Alis Sandosharaj

Birds, food and death, and of course the word YES. Dead Bird Stories for Non-believers is about family, loss and the strange connections we cannot shake, even if we don’t believe.

Alis Sandosharaj shares her essay. Ben Forstenzer asks some questions. A good time was had by all.

Guest Reader: Ann Everton reads “Field Report from America 2014”.

Fiction is first is insanely excited to have Ann Everton reading the first non-fiction piece on the website: “Field Report from America 2014.” Peer directly into Ann’s amazing mind as she and her band, Darsombra, tour the country in a small white van playing 60 shows as they go from coast to coast. The anxiety of capitalism meets the menace of stomach flu and everything in between. Enjoy.

The In-Betweens

Hello Fiction is First, this is Fiction is First, I missed you.

Please find below Ben Forstenzer reading his poem/ode/freak out “The In-Betweens.”

The “In-Betweens” was inspired by Kristen Toedtman and written for her show at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson on June 27th. It was very fun.

Check her out, she rules:

New  fiction and non-fiction are coming soon.

We never said there wouldn’t be poetry.

Thanks and love.

Guest Reader: Michael Patrick Flanagan Smith Reads an excerpt from “The Book of Lou.”

Fictionisfirst is super excited to post another story by MPFS. Mr.Smith is a writer, musician and factotum. Currently, he is writing a book about his experience working as a field hand in the North Dakota oil boom. Check out more about that project at: